About us

TVK Industries is a courageous company willing and able to bring innovative products to market.  We are positioned to meet and overcome the challenges of presenting quality products at reasonable cost. Whether it be technical issues or marketing hurdles, TVK can turn “Problems Into Profits.”

Our management and technical teams are well qualified for the tasks at hand.  We are industry leaders.  Our ideas are fresh and designed to benefit both our clients and investors.

Currently, in conjunction with several other enterprises, TVK is gearing up for domestic production of TVK’s patented SURESHIFTER® product line.

Investors are welcome to send letters of inquiry

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* Additional patents issued and pending. SureShifter Illuminated Gear Position Indicator and emblem are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Sureshifter® is a registered trademark of TVK Industries, Inc. RangeFinderProTM and SUREMATICTM are trademarks of TVK Industries, Inc. The claims presented within this publication are believed to be accurate. It is the responsibility of the product user to utilize TVK Industries, Inc. products in a manner consistent with these claims. Defective products will be replaced when promptly returned. TVK Industries, Inc. liability is limited to such replacement. © 2021 TVK Industries, Inc.