Illuminated SureShifter the difference is night and day


The SURESHIFTER® gear shift knob is an LED illuminated gear selection indicator.
The original  patented shift knob designed to improve a driver’s performance while shifting gears, especially in the dark.

The SURESHIFTER®, SUREMATICTM and RangeFinderProTM shiftknobs assure direction of travel,  a positive visual indication of the shift lever location, the shift pattern, as well as, the gear engaged!

All SureShifter Knobs are compatible with B&M Shifters

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Illuminated SureShifter RZR LIT UP
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* Additional patents issued and pending. SureShifter Illuminated Gear Position Indicator and emblem are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Sureshifter® is a registered trademark of TVK Industries, Inc. RangeFinderProTM and SUREMATICTM are trademarks of TVK Industries, Inc. The claims presented within this publication are believed to be accurate. It is the responsibility of the product user to utilize TVK Industries, Inc. products in a manner consistent with these claims. Defective products will be replaced when promptly returned. TVK Industries, Inc. liability is limited to such replacement.

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Sureshifter the original patented illuminated shift knobs
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