Founded in 1999, The Very Kind (TVK) Industries, Inc. is an alliance of innovative and progressive problem solvers. Our management team has over fifty years of combined experience providing efficient solutions to everyday problems.

The patented SURESHIFTER® illuminated gear position indicator is our premier product line that also includes SUREMATIC™ and RangeFinderPro™. These gear selection indicators were developed in response to operating various motor vehicles with a variety of shift patterns that occasionally resulted in incorrect gear selection, particularly when the Reverse position is located adjacent to 1st gear or overdrive.

Once the first set of switches were epoxied to a mustard jar lid and clamped to the gear lever with a hose clamp and a customized shiftknob was constructed, there was no turning back.

Ten years of refinement of the circutry and mechanics has resulted in a high quality engineered instrument that is functional, appealing and unique. Each model is tested on our rugged test track for durability and guaranteed for top notch performance.


Check out some of our Tech Photos:

Machine Shop Fun 


Bill Binion (in glasses), from Binion Machine, chats with Tom Kazyaka as he works the CNC machines, crafting the sensor rings for our SURESHIFTER.

Installation of B&M Rachet Shifter

Gear Selection Indicator


Dash-mounted gear selection indicator for Wipeout Enterprize’s “Tractorpull” tractor transmission.

Note the odd shift pattern.

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