Club Photos

Our friends from Sonoma County, Cruisin North Car Club who installed SURESHIFTER products:

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2014 Polaris RZR

Kenneth ‘Tep’ Bartell’s, customized for performance, 2014 Polaris RZR. Ready to roll with a SURESHIFTER illuminated gear selection 
indicator installed.

1993 Rx7

Ken’s 1993  Rx7 project with a V8, 4 speed automatic transmission and custom SUREMATIC  shift knob display with a Lokar center button lock release shifter installed.

1967 Malibu

Crusin North’s President, Steve Martin and wife Chris are in the process of restoring and modifying their classic 1967 Malibu with a 350cid, 3 speed automatic trans, customized B&M Racing  SURESHIFTER(r) SUREMATIC(tm) shifter with illuminated side panels, Flowmaster mufflers and half a lifetime of busted knuckles and joy.

1969 Camaro

Crusin North’s Board member Dave and father Jim Keenan’s 1969 converted Camaro Z/28 with a 383 stroker, 3 Speed automatic trans, customized B&M Racing SURESHIFTER SUREMATIC with illuminated side panels. If you see Dave “parked” on the side of the freeway stop and have a chat, he’s a friendly guy.

1968 Chevelle

Crusin North member Scott Wright’s stylish 1968 Chevelle with a 350 cid powerplant,  4 speed manual trans and customized SURESHIFTER illuminated gear pattern and Reverse indicator shiftknob.

1963 Nova Black Ice

This excellent example of a craftsman garage restoration/modification by Jason Gradney is equipped with a B&M Racing Quicksilver shifter with a customized SUREMATIC illuminated gear selection indicator shiftknob. These photos are from the Pleasanton GoodGuys car show 6/4 and the 2016 Peggy Sue’s All American cruise/show in Santa Rosa. In early June 2016, The Nova was chosen as one of the top 20 vehicles entered in the annual Peggy Sue Cruise and Show.

Client Photos

TVK Industries has lots of friends and collaborators in the motor industry.  Check out some of the albums below to see some of our favorite projects and collaborations.
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1980 Toyota PU Roc Crawler

1980 Toyota PU Roc Crawler
Kyle Minnegrode’s garage-built* modified 1980 Toyota PU Roc Crawler with a 350cid powerplant run through a 4 speed manual 405 transmission connected to a 203/5 transfercase, equipped with SURESHIFTER RangeFinderPro triple stick illuminated gear selection indicators and 1 ton axles.

* Garage courtesy of Sequoia Landscape Materials (Santa Rosa, Ca).

1923 Ford T Bucket

This sterling example of a mostly handcrafted  “garage project”, by Ken Stinson(Cloverdale Ca.), is a  1923 Ford T Bucket with a 327CID powerplant/ Twin four barrel Edelbrock carburetors mounted to a Edelbrock highrise manifold, two speed powerglide transmission with customized SUREMATIC illuminated gear selection indicator shiftknob activated by a Lokar shifter. RPM Dyno- 237 RWHp/269lb-ft.

DT Motorsports Jeep Photo Album

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Datsun Drag Truck

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New Zealand’s Replica ’68 Mustang Photo Album

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Thorson’s Extreme Off Road Hells Bells Photo Album

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1923 Ford T-Bucket Photo Album

Off Road Buggy Photo Album

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